Justine – Run After Me

September 20th, 2015

Justine’s first single “Run After Me”.

II place in the Unsigned Only Music Competition 2016, Pop/Top40 category. With nearly 6000 entries from over 100 countries.

An Honorable Mention in the Unsigned Only category in the 2015 International Songwriting Competition (ISC). With over 18,000 entries from 120 countries, “Run After Me” reached final top 16. The jury included such great artists as Tom Waits, Ke$ha, Lorde, Avicii, Pat Metheny, Bill Withers, Boyz II Men.


Writers: Justine ISC2015WINNERJustine - Run After Me - 2nd place - Winner - Unsigned Only Music Comptition, JR Guenther
Dido Vicini, Andre D. Lyles, Julianna Finney
Lyrics: Justine
Producers: Justine, JR Guenther, Szymon Fortuna, Grzegorz Janik

Vocal – Justine
Piano – JR Guenther
Guitar – Łukasz Belcyr
Bass – Andre D. Lyles
Drums  – Szymon Fortuna

Video editor: Justine
Mix&Mastering: Grzegorz Janik – Noise Art